Dana Soul

Come journey with me, the possibilities are endless 


"Four years ago, when we started practicing medicinal Qi Gong, we had no idea how important it would become for our health and wellbeing. Now we cannot imagine our lives without Qi Gong. Melissa's gentle, non-directive style of teaching makes attending her classes a pleasure. Her
ever-increasing knowledge of the practice adds more depth to the program each season and deepens our understanding of the science behind the art. We find ourselves more and more in our comfort zone as the years unfold." - Kit Hood and Agnes Malouf, Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia
"I have been practicing Qi Gong with Melissa for almost a year now and have found the classes very enjoyable, as well as practical. Melissa has a very warm and welcoming personality and you can sense that she genuinely cares about each one of her students and the knowledge she passes along. After attending a few sessions, my journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening has been kick-started back up and I haven’t looked back since. I have been receiving many mental, physical and emotional benefits as a result, including: reduced stress levels, emotional stability, along with increased energy and flexibility. Even my digestive issues seem to have disappeared. The most amazingly empowering benefit however has been the recent reappearance of my enthusiasm for day to day life. Thanks to Melissa I have learned that Qi Gong is a very simple yet powerful tool for personal transformation. We can all benefit from this mindful approach, consciously taking responsibility for our own well being." - Dave Jurzynek
"I was recently introduced to Medical Qi-Gong by a very insightful and skilled instructor. Melissa Bellefontaine. Melissa has incorporated her  genuine sincerity in helping people with a powerful presence for healing  energy in her classes. Qi-Gong represents for me, finding another successful puzzle piece in my recovery journey from a serious illness. The breathing and chakra pathway exercises I have been taught in Melissa's class indeed have made an impact in reducing stress and understanding how to further unblock the body healing pathways to create the balance of  'Well Being'  throughout the body, always remembering the importance of our  'Five Elements". Thank you Melissa for investing so much of your time to the study of  Qi-Gong, empowering you to bring us, here on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia, such a wealth of skill and knowledge from your studies of this ancient Art." - Infinite Blessings, Sylvia
"I know the Eight Brocade and already know QiGong to be an effective healing modality. The classes with Melissa were refreshing and inspirational and I learned a whole new perspective of QiGong. She is passionate about what she teaches and practices. Her descriptions and explanations of the Chinese medical aspect of QiGong are beautiful. I recommend her to all my clients." - Gwen Williams