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QiGong means energy work, “Qi” meaning life force energy and “Gong” meaning cultivation

Medical QiGong

Medical QiGong provides an opportunity for individuals to take responsibility for their self care.  It is much easier to maintain & balance ones health, than it is to re build the body or bring it back to a state wellness. These non impact exercises focus on stability, flexibility & balance  and are gentle on the body, especially the joints. The exercises can be practiced in either a seated or standing position, making it an ideal practice for those at any age but, especially for seniors &  individuals with a limited range of motion.

Medical QiGong is a 5000 year old Eastern art form & system of healthcare that can be traced back to the early Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD).  Traditionally, QiGong has been esoteric & secretive in nature, being passed down from Master to student in lineages who maintained their own unique methods but, is now practiced throughout China & worldwide for relaxation, preventative medicine, self healing & self cultivation.

This healing art form uses visualization techniques, deep rhythmic breathe work, postures & slow flowing body movements to help guide the qi throughout the body. Medical QiGong is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that is known for it health & longevity benefits and is often referred to as “Acupuncture without the needles,” making it ideal for children or for those who are fearful of needles. Numerous health benefits can be achieved from M.Q. that range from strengthening the muscles & bones, regulating hormones, balancing emotions, releasing stress, lowering blood pressure & reducing pain from chronic conditions.