Dana Soul

Come journey with me, the possibilities are endless 

         "The Peace you seek will be found by turning inward and upward."                                                    -  Archangel Uriel (channeled to Wanda Amos)

Higher Realm Healing®


Higher Realm Healing is a fairly new healing modality that facilitates balance, alignment & healing in both the client & practitioner. This work was first channeled through to Wanda Amos (www.highlevelhealing.com), during a private session with her client. Through interactions with these expanded frequencies of energy, light & information, an alignment takes place between the individual & the higher realms. This alignment allows the body to be brought back into a state of balance at the spiritual, mental, emotional & physical levels. As the earth...our bubble....continues to expand, we are able to receive a broader bandwith of frequencies. These expanded frequencies, awaken within us a clearer understanding of our true potential for health & well being & our possibilities as a global consciousness.

During a session, the individual is asked to lay on a massage table. The practitioner uses his/her hands to connect with various meridian points on the client to facilitate healing. The practitioner acts as a catalyst, facilitating the process for the client to connect with the frequencies, simply by being present. The practitioner does not diagnose or treat, there is just the interaction with the frequencies, bringing about healings that may be instantaneous & often last a lifetime.  By getting out of the way, we allow healings to come about from the universe as intended.  A session takes approximately 1 hour. For those unable to receive a session in person, distant healing may also take place. The frequencies of energy, light & information do not reduce in strength with distance & in many instances, may result in a more powerful experience.

Often there are expectations set in place for a particular healing, that may lead to disappointment when we don`t receive the desired outcome. Although you may not receive exactly what you “want,” you will receive what is needed for you, during the time of the session. There is a universal power working for our higher good & it is upon stepping into the space, expecting the unexpected, where the possibilities become endless.

The investment for a session is $60. Melissa may be reached at 902-221-6393 or at melissa@danasoul.ca

We often have expectations on the form of healing we want or feel we need. It is when we remain in a state of expectancy, where anything is possible, that we receive from the universe the healing that is most appropriate for us.

As we entrain with the frequencies, we emit & vibrate at a higher level of light that restructures us at the DNA level.