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Melissa Bellefontaine

Melissa Bellefontaine is a Medical QiGong instructor, practitioner of Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection and a mom of 4 amazing children.  She lives & works in the community of Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia where she was born and raised.  After experiencing a personal life changing event in 2006, Melissa was left with many questions. She became a  a jet setter, traveling down some unfamiliar roads in search of answers.   Melissa`s journey, which initially began as a  personal quest, eventually brought her to the teachings of Medical QiGong. As she discovered the wisdom in this ancient art, she soon realized the new found knowledge she received through her studies was not to be kept exclusively for self healing but, was to be shared with others. Melissa became a certified instructor in 2010 & now assist others along their path of transformation.

From the age of thirteen and throughout her adulthood, Melissa suffered regularly from migraines.  Medical QiGong ignited her interest in the body’s natural ability to self heal & prompted her to discover what we can do to make ourselves as healthy as possible. Melissa believes that although we are birthed with a constitution that is a mix of our parents genetics, there is a great deal that is within our control that can have an impact on whether we live a life filled with health & vitality or whether we suffer from pain & disease.  When we remain open & in a state of expectation, possibilities are infinite.  Melissa’s classes offer techniques to heal the body at the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels.  Melissa believes disease is a function of bodily systems being out of balance and when we do what is necessary to bring the body back into balance, our health is restored. This can be done by thinking right, breathing right, eating right, receiving the proper amount of sleep and exercising regularly.

Although deeply passionate about Medical QiGong & the opportunity it offers individuals to become proactive in their self care, Melissa`s belief that we are ever evolving beings brought her to the discovery of a new form of healing work during the summer of 2012. While on training for M.Q. in Kauai, a friend handed her a book to read called The Reconnection by Dr. Eric Pearl.  She wasn’t able to put the book down & finished reading it within the day.  Now, 3 years later after receiving her Reconnection & completing her training, Melissa is honoured to offer private sessions & to be part of this sacred process for others.  She has observed after Reconnective Healing sessions as clients heal on the physical, mental, emotional & evolutionary levels. Melissa has also worked with animals & observed  healings occur almost instantaneously, validating that belief is not required.  Melissa`s Reconnection left  her with the knowing that healing work is to be a part of her life's path.

Melissa is also the organizer of the  Alternative Health & Healing Art Festival, that is held annually at Seaforth Community Centre, in Seaforth, Nova Scotia.  She is honoured to be the catalyst, bringing together practitioners who are able to support individuals in their exploration of integrative medicine for health & healing.  Practitioners come for the weekend to offer interactive demos & talks with the community, sharing knowledge of their healing modalities.